We encourage you to take a look at our general music profile before sending us any booking requests.

All booking enquiries must be emailed to our booker at:



Please include up-to-date material such as bandinfo, website and mp3's for quick listening.

NO links to paid music-services such as Spotify or private Youtube accounts (unless they are actually functional)


We receive many inquiries, and strive to listen and get back to all of you, but if you don't hear from us within reasonable time, please concider it at friendly 'thanks, but no thanks'



We are a small bar with no actual stage. We do floor-shows.

Room capacity: 50-55 pers.


We provide a PA, lights, monitors, microphones, DI's and sound technician.


We DO NOT have a backline or any instruments, so you must bring your own.

Please consider this, if you're touring without and before getting in contact.



 Lygtens Kro

 Lygten 29

 2400 København NV



Tirsdag - Torsdag kl. 12-02

Fredag & Lørdag kl. 12-03

Lukket Søndag & Mandag