artist info


We encourage you to take a look at our general music profile before sending any booking requests.

All booking enquiries must be emailed to our booker at:



Please include up-to-date material such as bandinfo, website and mp3's for quick listening.

NO links to paid music-services such as Spotify or private Youtube accounts (unless they are actually functional)

Technical info:

We are a small bar with no actual stage. We do floor-shows.

Room capacity: 50-55 pers.


We provide a PA, lights, monitors, microphones, DI's and sound technician.


We DO NOT have a backline or any instruments, so you must bring your own.

Please consider this, before getting in contact.



 Lygtens Kro

 Lygten 29

 2400 København NV



Tirsdag - Torsdag kl. 12-02

Fredag & Lørdag kl. 12-03

Lukket Søndag & Mandag